Here is a selection of exterior Oak & Mahogany veneer doors, suitable for staining or painting a colour.They must be finished so please take that into account before ordering any door.

With exception of the triple glazed range most come with choice of glazing.

Carolina.                                      Four panel regency.               Elizabethan.                            Blank.

Richmond.                                  Downham.                             6 Panel colonial.                         Georgia.

Victoria.                                     Windsor.                                 Dakota.                                         Pattern 2xg

Malton.                               Malton burns glazing.                      Malton diamond                        Cashel.

Acacia with various different glazing.

Pattern 2xgg                              Elizabethan in frame.                Warwick.                                           Suffolk.

Colonial glazed(custom)             Richmond keats.                        Suffolk glazed.                                  Oak 4 square.

Oak derby raised mouldings.               Richmond clear or obscure                              Richmond doone

Warwick ebony black.                    Malton with custom made lead from £60 a panel          Acacia Smoke grey.



If you have an awkward sized door, external blanks are a good option.The door to the left is a wood faced door with a 2ft vision panel which was ideal for this short door on a outhouse.Secure, durable,and let a bit of light in. 

Suitable for staining or painting.




York with custom made lead work glass, turned out nice with the colours this customer chose.

Most doors are available mortise & tenon joints which helps against swelling.This sets our doors against superstore doors.


To the left you will see our most popular wooden doors for a back door or porch door. Available single glazed or double glazed.


Custom made lead work in the Malton door .

This is made by hand in our showroom.

You may even design your own , within reason.


Richmond External stained with black ebony.

Custom made drop diamond lead work, you can have diamonds most colour's.